Megan Banks - Percussion

Jessica Dennis - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Shawn Jennings - Vocals, Guitar

Bret Smith - Bass

Watson Street Loft is a fun-loving Toledo-based cover band, but what makes us unique is our exceptional versatility and musicianship.

WSL has been gigging around the Toledo area since 2007.  Over the years we’ve built up a committed fan-base, and a truly eclectic repertoire.  We’re comfortable with almost anything. From low-key acoustic sets to loud, crunchy rock ’n roll.  From classic tunes by Chuck Berry and The Beatles, to ‘90s rock by Matchbox 20 and Sheryl Crow, to contemporary pop by Amy Winehouse and Cee Lo Green, and nearly everything in between.  We’ve even played an evening of 1920s-era jazz for a Prohibition-themed gig. We love the flexibility of being able to jump from one genre to another, allowing us to tailor our sets for the specific audience in front of us.

We’re also blessed to boast a group of experienced, well-trained musicians.  Megan is currently in the process of finishing her bachelor’s degree in music education. Jess is a classically-trained pianist with a master’s degree in music education. Shawn has worked as a professional church musician for more than a decade. Bret has lent his diverse and substantial musical talents to numerous area bands over the years, as well as having put in his time on the road touring. 

Visit our music page to give us a listen, or our Facebook page get to know us better.